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Technology and Prayer - caught between two clashing rocks?
By Dr Peter Mudge

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the August 2011 issue of the Mission and Spirituality eNewsletter.

Feature Topic - Technology, Prayer, Holiness and Mission

Technology, the Word and Generations Y and Z
By Dr Margaret Ghosn MSHF

In the beginning was the Word (Jn 1:1), the Logos. Jesus, the Word became flesh, would listen, teach, tell stories and heal.


Technology - a new Pentecost?
By Assoc. Prof. Gerard Moore

Worship and technology: there are a few issues at play there.

Mission & Ministry

Education In Mission: Mission In Education (Part Two)
By Jim and Therese D'Orsa

Australian Association of Mission Studies Conference "The Christian Mission in the Public Square"
Canberra 2-5 October 2008


Where the Hell is God?
By Rev Dr Richard Leonard SJ

Most explorations of where or how God can be found in human suffering tend to be fairly academic.


A work in progress
By Jim Quillinan

All our life is a work in progress - we never 'arrive', as it were. It is never complete.


Intenser experiences of creation: Applying Panikkar's radiant events framework (Part Two)
By Greg Smith

In the previous article, we outlined how radiant events are special because they reveal the cosmotheandric principle unifying all reality. We turn now to apply this framework in reading Australian poet Les Murray's version of the Bethlehem nativity scene in "Animal Nativity."


The spirituality of one Australian artist - Sir Sidney Nolan (1917‐1992)
By Dr Peter Mudge

In my first two articles I focused on two topics that represent the foundations of this present article.

Vatican News

Message of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

For the 45th World Communications Day ‐ Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age

What's on

Invitation - Ghassan Nakhoul's Book Launch

You are invited to the launch of a book that will make you doubt the headlines that mesmerised a nation.


Ireland's Empire: The Roman Catholic Church in the Anglo-Catholic World, 1830-1922
By Dr. Colin Barr

Friday 5 August 2011, 10am followed by morning tea
Held in the Cultural Collections (near the Information Desk)
Level 2, Auchmuty Library, Callaghan Campus


The Dead Sea Scrolls
By Professor George Brooke

7-9pm, 15 Aug 2011
The university of Newcastle, social sciences building room SR.LT3


Nicholas King
Morpeth Lecture 2011

What’s so special about Translating the Bible?


The GRIT lectures
By Roland Boer and Dr Kath McPhillips; Dr Kathleen Butler

2011 Semester 2 Seminars, Auchmuty Library Cultural Collections Room
Tuesday 13 Sept 4-5pm


Pace & Bene Workshops in August

We mentioned Pace & Bene in the previous newsletter, an organisation which is keen to engage with, explore and share the spirituality of nonviolence with as many people as possible. They have informed us: "Some of your readers may be interested to join our workshops coming up in August. They can locate information at: which goes directly to the workshops information page."


Sister Act arrives in NSW - Australian Disaster Relief Recovery

Over the past four months, Sister Julianne Murphy SJ has driven 15,000 km visiting schools, town centres and disaster-affected areas across Victoria, SA and WA as part of the Sisters of St Joseph's Travelling Roadshow - Australian Disaster Relief Recovery. During this time, she has met 14,613 children, visited more than 57 schools and 21 centres and given 239 presentations. Go to the story on the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney site at: latest_news/2011/2011719_42.shtml

Book Reviews

A selection of books on Christian Spirituality.
Submitted by Heather Lang

Noreen Herzfeld. (2009). Technology and religion: remaining human in a co‐created world. Templeton Press.

Dan Shutte (2009) Walking the sacred path: spiritual exercises for today. Twenty‐third Publications.

Rob Moll. (2010). The Art of Dying : Living Fully into the Life to Come. IVP Books

Noreen Herzfeld. (2009). Technology and religion: remaining human in a co‐created world. Templeton Press.


Francis Ravel Harvey, Traveller to Freedom: The Roger Pryke Story. Sydney: Freshwater Press, 2011. pp 392, $49.95. ISBN: 9780646536538 (hbk)
Reviewed by Sr Catherine Thom RSJ

Two points need to be made at the outset of this review: my admiration for Roger whose presence and liturgies at Camperdown were the highlights ...

Poetry & Prose

The Net
By Kevin Martin

From the Atharva Veda

 Featured Websites

Straining for Sabbath Amidst the Demands of Phones and Computers
By Fr Ron Rolheiser

Today's information technologies have made us the most informed, efficient, and communicative people ever…Less wonderful is what this is doing to our lives, how it is changing our expectations, and robbing us of the simple capacity to stop, shut off the machines, and rest. Go to:

Raimon Panikkar, 'apostle of inter-faith dialogue' (1918-2011)

Professor Raimon Panikkar, one of the greatest scholars of the 20th century in the areas of comparative religion, theology, and inter-religious dialogue, died at his home in Tavertet, near Barcelona, Spain, on 26 August 2011. He was 93 years of age. Refer to the article at:

Domus Australia - a true pilgrimage experience

Continuing the long established Church tradition of providing accommodation for pilgrims to holy places, Domus Australia is much more than a place to rest, it is a religious and cultural centre for pilgrims to Rome. Go to:

North Sydney Catholics - the Environment Group

This group was formed in August 2008 with the objective of promoting a Christian outlook to maintenance and care of our physical environment. Go to:

Pray-as-you-go Website

The Pray-as-you-go website provided by Jesuit Media Initiatives has rich information either for reading but mainly for download into your MP3 player. This includes prayers for each day, exercises such as a Breathing Exercise to help prepare for prayer, an eight-minute review of the day, information on a Refugee Week retreat, and many more. Go to:


Dancing with the Spirit - Celebrating Pentecost
By Father David Ranson

It is always a great privilege for me to be present at the Family Masses of St. Lucy's School for children with special needs at Wahroonga, New South Wales.

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